The holiday home

Nina’s Princess Park is ideal for families and groups of 4-10 people, as well as for couples who want a relaxing holiday to nurture their well-being. The rates for the rooms and apartment include use of all the amenities: tasting of the unique products from monasteries and abbeys from around Italy (from Le Grazie dei Santi S.r.l, which has been awarded the “Italian Excellencies” award), access to the annex flat, living area with pool table, calciobalilla, flipper in saletta, wi-fi, air-conditioning, garden, and the pool.

A unique and luxurious condominium, characterised by the integrated services it offers. Our services include tasting of natural products made by the monks and nuns of the Benedictine, Carmelite and Cistercian orders and the opportunity to purchase natural remedies. We also offer original pieces of sacred art from around the world to purchase as souvenirs and gifts.

Our holiday home bears the name of our daughter, Nina. We parents, Marco and Nana, will welcome you with warmth and affection and are on hand to take car of your well-being while you stay with us here in Umbria.

  • Ideal for families
  • Suited to children
  • Complete comfort
  • Relaxation suite
  • Pool with hydromassage
  • Free Wi-Fi

Services and amenities

A superior quality condominium holiday home in Italy, noted for its integrated services.

Buffet and tastings of the unique products from monasteries and abbeys from around Italy (from Le Grazie dei Santi S.r.l, which has been awarded the “Eccellenze Italiane”, or Italian Excellencies award), access to the annex flat, living area with pool table, table football, pinball machine, wi-fi, air-conditioning, garden, and pool. Free bike rental service. Free transfer service to restaurants we collaborate with, especially useful for those who arrive without means of transport of their own and guests who do not want to use the kitchen.

We offer you

  • A superior standard apartment complex with quality and comfort
  • Spacious areas for relaxing in
  • A winter garden with a living room
  • A spacious and well-taken care of apartment
  • Private parking with exclusive access
  • A private dining room with access to the kitchen
  • A breakfast area with a wide selection of food
  • Spacious and stylish rooms


The Marco Aurelio relaxation pool is inside our holiday home and is completely indoors. It boasts a perfect reconstruction of a natural cave from Etruscan-Roman times. It is redone in the Pompeian style of Roman senators. Notable features are the columns and the ceiling alfresco with twinkling stars and a moon which, accompanied by celestial relaxation music, create an extraordinarily harmonious effect isolating you from the outside world, taking you back in time, allowing for moments of inner reflection and contemplation.

Apart form this, the pool also offers:

  • N.6 STAZIONI DI SEDUTE IDROMASSAGGIANTI permettono in perfetta comodita di sedersi sul gradone della Piscina e godere del massaggio che l’acqua esercita su fianchi, gambe, piedi, interno coscia. Si puo’ esercitare contestualmente movimento delle gambe tipo bicicletta come acqua gym.

  • a water fall measuring 90 cm

  • a Scottish shower or cold shower, beneficial for blood circulation

  • a setting that allows you to swim against the current, equipped with lights. This feature allows you to swim as though swimming laps inside a larger pool. You can use different swimming styles while the powerful pump pushes water toward you and swimming becomes a real pleasure as well as a great form of exercise. This feature also works as a fantastic upper body and back massager.

At the end of this voyage through the senses, you can enjoy a romantic moment helping yourself to a glass of sparkling wine from the purpose-built recess beside the pool. All this is included in the price of your stay

Please read the guidelines that you can find inside the holiday home.